News: Hundred Suns + Alternative Press Premiere New Song "Fractional"

Hundred Suns, the new project featuring Norma Jean's Cory Brandan, ex-Every Time I Die drummer Ryan Leger, and Dead and Divine's Chris LeMasters and which exists across three different cities and two countries, have teamed up with Alternative Press to premiere the song "Fractional."  

"'Fractional' is the very first song idea Chris sent to me," said Brandan. "I remember getting it and immediately having ideas for it. I sang the chorus over it in my closet within the week. It's still one of my favorite songs and it's really cool to finally drop this sucker. Everything you hear is all pretty much self-recorded from our homes. We love how it sounds but can't wait to get into a studio and really dig in. Turn it up!" 

Head over to AP to listen to "Fractional" and to learn more about the roots of the song.

The band and the magazine previously teased the track here

This marks the first full song the band has revealed since announcing its existence via Revolver in late 2015.

More news on Hundred Suns will reveal itself in the coming months! But for now, enjoy "Fractional," as it's the long anticipated taste of what's to come.

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