This Is Core is glad to announce the release of "Moving Forward", the new album by punk-rock act No Frontiers will be available on June 17th. The album was recorded and mixed between July and September 2015 at Bios Music in Solaro (MI), with the help of Luca Liviero, who oversaw the master. The release has been brought forward to November from the video of the song "Delay", filmed by director Mr. Teko O'Liax, currently working on a new video taken from the song “Paradox".

The band says: "We have worked intensively on the implementation of this third album, and at first hearing after mixing, we were pleased. The nine tracks of 'Moving Forward' sound exactly as we wanted, fully reflecting the soul punk rock with which we started in 2000, accompanied by wealth of influences that we have gained over the years together. Precisely for this reason we are excited to go out with This Is Core, which for us has always been an important point of reference in the music scene in which we are for almost 15 years!".

The tracklist:

01. Delay
02. Hiccups
03. Wake Up Call
04. 1059, W. Addison St.
05. Counting Down the Days
06. Paradox
07. Scream Your Name!
08. Hobo Soul
09. Semplice

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