News: Army Of The Universe Releases Highly Anticipated LP

International Industrial band Army of the Universe has released their highly anticipated 3rd studio album, 1999 & The Aftershow, a diverse selection of neo-industrial, rave inspired tracks showcasing the trio's eclectic blend of ingenious creativity and polished production skills. Originally premiered on PureGrainAudio1999 & The Aftershow is available NOW viaMetropolis Records.
"We built 1999 & The Aftershow on modern sound design with inspiration from the dark wave, industrial, and underground scenes; we believe it’s our most diverse album to date." - Army Of The Universe

"...we're thrilled to premiere the new album 1999 & The Aftershowfrom Milano, Italy's Army Of The Universe. A bodacious mix of electronica, rock and industrial, 1999 & The Aftershow see the trio of musicians take their songwriting and music to new heights." - Christopher Gonda - PureGrainAudio

1. 1999 
2. Down Till Dusk 
3. Another Escape 
4. Digital Slag 
5. Zeus (My Own Rebel) 
6. I Lost My Sound 
7. The Aftershow 
8. Little Paranoia 
9. Snake Was Right 
10. Late Detroit Nights 
11. Nobody 2.0 
12. The Albert Hotel 
13. Ninety Ninety Noise (B...ACK)

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