News: Innerstrength signs Sunlights Bane for release of The Blackest Volume

Innerstrengh Records are pleased to announce that Sunlight's Bane debut record "The Blackest Volume (Like All the Earth Was Buried)" will be released this January. The album, recorded by Andy Nelson (Harm's Way, Dead In the Dirt, Homewrecker) and mastered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege will be available on CD/Digital January 2017. The release date, music, and further updates will follow. May sunlight never shine again.  

Sunlight's Bane, a heavily grind and black metal influenced outfit originating from southeastern Michigan, self describes their sound as grinding death and audio terror. Having originally started in 2011 under the name Traitor, the newly breathing incarnation Sunlight's Bane has spent the last year touring, writing and recording in the effort to return to what they feel has been lost in aggressive music in recent years: aggression. Whether it is in their music, artwork, lyrics, or live sets, the band pushes themselves as artists to paint an atmosphere of horror, anger, and misery to accompany their raw and nihilistic music.

1. Praise the Venom Shield
2. Begrudging Soul
3. From Heaven Wept
4. Cursed Diminished Years
5. I Am the Cold, Harsh Whispers In Hell
6. Dance of Thorns
7. The Blessed Ivory Tongue
8. No Taste More Bitter
9. With Fear This Love Is Given
10. Came No Dawn
11. To Whom I Await

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