After a year of silence Through Lucid Eyes is back with a vengeance and a brand new track, "Fleeting Moments", taken off of their debut album via Famined Records, Transient, scheduled to be released thisDec. 9 worldwide that is now premiering at Prog Sphere.

Following the release of their last single during Summer 2015, titled "Echoes" and a previous self-titled EP featuring the likes of ERRA's Jesse Cash and Breakdown Of Sanity's very own Carlo Knöpfel , the band has huddled up in the studio to work on a brand new piece of art that's bound to leave a mark in the Metal community.

Mixed and Mastered by Julian Rodriguez at Parallel Focus Studios in California, and fully written and produced by the band, their newest effort consist of five pack-a-punch tracks that will get stuck in the listener's head for days on end.

Ryan O'Grady, lyricist and guitarist, had a couple of things to say about the track itself: "Fleeting Momentswas the obvious choice for lead single because it sets the tone for the EP and showcases some of the growth we've experienced while working on creating a sound of our own over the last year. Lyrically, our goal was to create art from the emotional weight we all carry, and hopefully people will be able to take something positive away from it. This is just the beginning and fans can expect so much more from what we bring to the table with Transient."

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