News: Watch What Redneck Life Is Like 'In The County'! Blank TV Video Premiere THEM COUNTY BASTARDZ

Ever wonder what life is like for Canadian rednecks THEM COUNTY BASTARDZ living in the back forty. Well now you can get a glimpse of all the fun with their latest music video 'In The County' premiered exclusively on Blank TV at the following link: 

THEM COUNTY BASTARDZ released their debut album 'Sick Daze' via Smokehouse Records in 2015. The album was produced by Chris Towle and TBC plus mastered by Chuck Carvaalho and delivers seven tracks of headbanging riffs with heavy lyrics giving insight to their lifestyle in Essex County (an hour south of Windsor/ Detroit area). 

A full album stream of 'Sick Daze' can be heard at 

1. Drive By (4:48)
2. In The County (4:33)
3. Buzz Kill (4:03)
4. It's Not Metal (0:25)
5. Metal For Mark (5:25)
6. The Bastard (4:23)
7. Rise Up (3:58)
Album Length: 27:38

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