News: Chris Clemence and Harley Flanagan Talk to About New York's Next Big Anthem for the NY Rangers, Giants, and Knicks.

Chris Clemence and Harley Flanaganwere recently interviewed by about their combined efforts to write the next New York anthem for the NY Rangers, Giants and Knicks.
The full interview can be seen here: 

Bassist and songwriter Chris Clemence (RapScallions, Screaming At Demons) has teamed up with New York Hardcore legend Harley Flanagan of the Cro Mags, and Madison Square Garden's organist and DJ Ray Castoldi to write New York's next big anthem for the NY Rangers, Giants, and Knicks.
Clemence is no stranger to writing hit sport anthems. His break out hit "Can You Feel It" exploded across the NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB, eventually gaining play at the Stanley Cup Finals, Super Bowl XLIV, and the World Cup. "Can You Feel It" was also performed live by Clemence and his band RapScallions for the San Diego Padres "Opening Day" on FOX Sports, as well as landed major licenses with Carl's Jr., Mercedes-Benz, and Harley-Davidson.
"I sat down with Ray over at the Garden and we discussed wanting to do a song together for the NY sports teams. Can You Feel It is a big song for the Rangers so I wanted to follow that up, but this time really capture the gritty spirit of New York, and take it even further. And who better to help do that but to bring a founding father of New York punk rock, Harley Flanagan from Cro Mags to do the vocals", said Clemence.
Mr. Flanagan was recently featured in the New York Times for his upcoming release of his tell all book "Hard Core, Life of My Own" where he chronicles his rise to the top of the New York Hardcore scene. 

Clemence is currently working with Flanagan and Castoldi on the song, which will be recorded right in the heart of New York City. It is expected to be released the Fall of 2016.

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