News: Invisible Mirror (Switzerland) Sign With Wormholedeath!

Wormholedeath are proud to announce that Invisible Mirror (Heavy Metal from Switzerland) have signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of their album "On the Edge of Tomorrow".

Ricky Bonazza statement: 

"It‘s been a hell of a ride! We really took all the time necessary to work out every detail on the album, to make it sound just the way it‘s supposed to. It wasn‘t always easy but when I‘m listening to it now, it‘s exactly how we have envisioned it and beyond. We‘re really proud of the result. I think it‘s a very versatile album, very musical, almost like a journey because we combine so many different music elements. Our goal was to keep everything natural and organic, there‘s this rawness that makes the record breathe and that‘s also how it was mixed. There are literately no drum samples, triggers or anything like that, all real sounds, all natural. The way we‘ve recorded it makes it sound very dynamic and also adds a certain live feel to it. Kind of a modern/vintage record. Our motto in the studio was „feeling and emotions“. I think we have accomplished that."

"On the Edge of Tomorrow" was produced by Connie Andreska (former Mystic Prophecy) and Dani Löble (Helloween).

Digital release date: 20th January 2017 (Wormholedeath/The Orchard)
U.S.A: 17th February 2017 (Wormholedeath U.S.A)

Europe (Aural Music Group) and Japan (Wormholedeath Japan /Tower Records Japan) TBA

"On the Edge of Tomorrow"

1. Frozen River
2. Strike Back
3. Different Ways
4. Believe
5. Conspiracy of Minds
6. Life of a Stranger
7. Hungry for Love
8. On the Edge of Tomorrow
9. Beyond the Sky
10.The loner

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