News: QUOR Tours Southwest US Yearning to be Abducted By Extraterrestrials!!

San Diego-based metal act QUOR departs home territory excited and confident they will entice aliens' attention and be abducted.
"Being abducted is my destiny", singer Brian Corn recently stated.
"The traditional means of time space travel are antiquated and nearly impossible to obtain by common man", G Jonez interjects.
QUOR has planned an extremely precise route using a Time Machine and Time Capsule to safely transport them through 8 researched and strategic abduction points throughout the belly of the United States. Touring through Southern New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and a last resort abduction point of San Diego, CA.
"Based on 4 tours worth of research, we know it significantly strengthens QUOR's chances of being abducted if we have a gift to offer the aliens", reaffirmed Smitty. In the weeks prior to this tour QUOR recorded a new and evolved single with established and proven producer Chris Baseford (Zombie, Nickleback, Shinedown). The earthly release date of the new song is set for early 2017.
If the aliens deem this quest and gift unworthy of abduction, QUOR will be gathering the 
QUOR Lords at House of Blues San Diego on the eve of Thanksgiving 11/23/16 to align energies and show the aliens QUOR will not be enslaved Earthlings.

Tour Dates & Abduction Points
11/10 – Tomcat's West - Dallas, TX 
11/11 - Thunder Alley - Oklahoma City, OK 
11/12 - Rusty Needle - Hutchinson, KS 
11/14 - Zodiac Bar - Colorado Springs, CO 
11/15 - Mesa Theater - Grand Junction, CO 
11/23 - House of Blues - San Diego, CA

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