News: Saviour Announce New Album, Let Me Leave; Unveil New Single "Pressure And Composure"

Perth's Saviour have announced they will release their brand new album, Let Me Leave, on January 13 via UNFD, right in time for their appearance at UNIFY 2017. Alongside the album announcement, Saviour have revealed another taste of Let Me Leave via their new single "Pressure And Compsure", which highlights the phenomenal vocal chemistry between dual-vocalists Shontay Snow and Bryant Best.

"Pressure And Composure is a little bit against the grain when it comes to theme of the new album," says Bryant. "It has a lot to do with what you want your life to be and the pressures around you that can make it feel like there's no way of achieving that. I feel like this one is a super relatable to everyday life and it's strange we didn't write this one sooner."

There are two sides to every story. Is the title of Saviour’s stunning new album Let Me Leave a request or a demand? The end of a relationship gone sour or a new path to redemption?
Texture and complexity are the stuff of love, and Let Me Leave is one of the most wonderfully rich and heartfelt albums to come out of the Australian hardcore scene in decades. As delicate as they are muscular, these 10 remarkable songs take flight on the back of the unique vocal interplay between Shontay Snow and Bryant Best.
“Music for me is therapeutic,” explains Shontay. “You can choose to crumble and allow negativity to outweigh the positive, or you can accept an experience for what it was – no matter how bad it may have been. Painful experiences are quite like snowflakes, each one is so unique to the next, fragile and beautiful. Beauty that can only form in the most bitter cold.”
“Without going into too much detail, this album is really true to the past couple years of our lives. It is a culmination of personal experiences that we have all experienced individually and as a band. It covers the hard times, the dark times and starting fresh.”
Saviour have had more than their share of new starts since their inception. The band, now completed by guitarists Lyndsay Antica and Daniel Reesy, bassist Tylar Rettig and drummer Jordan Mather, burst out of Perth in 2011 and signed to UNFD two years later for the release of debut album First Light To My Death Bed. They went on hiatus in January 2014 only to reconvene with the current line-up in October 2015, a new direction-heralding single in the shape of "Lovers" and a plan to write from the heart – and only from the heart.
The passage of time has taught the six members of Saviour myriad lessons, and they have all been channeled into songs that are as soaring as they are intimate. The likes of "All I Am Is You" and "Pressure And Composure" hum with nervous tension, while lead single "The Quiet Calm" takes "Lovers’" template and carves it into gorgeous new shapes.
Preorders are available now via 24Hundred and iTunes.


1. April
2. All I Am Is You
3. The Quiet Calm
4. Pressure And Composure
5. The Cool Calm
6. Forget Me
7. Like This
8. The Low In Hello
9. Wildfire
10. Little Birds

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