News: Strawberry Girls Not Looking To Be Offensive

Tragic Hero Records recording artist, Strawberry Girls, made their national television debut on NBC’s “Last Call With Carson Daly” on the night of Wednesday, November 16. The California instrumental rock trio recently performed in LA at the Teragram Ballroom, which was taped for the television feature. Two of the songs from their set, "Volcano Worship" and "Gospel" (ft. Joey Lancaster), were included on the show.

The band was asked to set the record straight about some of the derogatory meanings behind their name. If you google the term “Strawberry Girls”, you’d be surprised at the definitions that pop up. The band was not aware of the negative connotation when they chose the name. Guitarist Zachary Garren explains, “I got it from the song "Christine" by Siouxsie & The Banshees. I thought it could be a cool, weird band name that would stand out amongst a lot of other names out there. I thought it would be memorable and easy to pronounce, which I think are two important things when coming up with a band name.”

Strawberry Girls never intended to be offensive to anyone and usually fans will comment that it’s “silly” or “weird”, which along with being memorable was the original intent that Garren had when making the final decision on the name.

The full episode is available now on and Hulu. The band also just released a new single, “Vanilla Rainforest” off their upcoming album ‘Italian Ghosts’ (out 2/17/17) and pre-orders are available at Merchbucket.

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