Track By Tracks: Set Before Us - Enigmas (2016)

1. Clay Heart:

Clay Heart is the first track of Enigmas and sets the tone of the message we want to mediate with this EP.

We are born into this world as an empty book. With the world trying to fill our pages and mold is into something we perceive as right and just. We humans are built the same; flesh, bone and heart but everyone is truly unique and our hopes and dreams may differ. To truly live your life is to follow your passions and be free to express yourself regardless of what society or anyone else may say.
2. Earth Destroyer:

This world is not solely ours, we share it with every other living organism and future generation to come. Earth Destroyer is about the destructive nature of human and how we justify the exploitation of natural resources without a second thought. We truly believe that everyone has a responsibility in preserving this world that we have loaned. We need to change our ways and how we view the planet. Nobody can do everything but we all can do something. Have you made your choice?

3. Peripheral Vision:
Peripheral Vision is pretty straight forward. The song is basically about the unwillingness or/and inability to view the world around us and see that people are suffering in many ways. Our empathy is cut off by our fear of feeling guilt about our privileged lives. The world is not a fair place, but that's what we've been raised to believe. We're also not immortal, we just think we are because death and pain is a very rare thing in our everyday reality. There is no shame in understanding that some people struggle, but instead a source of energy to do something about it.
4. Eye To Eye:

We all have second doubts about our actions and choices we’ve made or will make. Shackles of limitation we put on ourselves and prevent us from taking chances. Eye To Eye is about the voice in the back of your head whispering of how you’re not good enough or what you think you lack. To dream big is beautiful and taking those chances by stepping out of your zone of comfort is inspirational. How you break free from these shackles of limitation is to face yourself eye to eye and rid yourself of any doubt and second guessing.
5. Dusk / Dawn:
Dusk / Dawn is about the fear of the unknown that many of us have. We want things to be as they always have been and change may seem frightening once we've found comfort. The unknown is represented by the night in the song. Our lives may turn out in ways that will make us fearful of the known as well, and realization that many things actually are unable for us to control. This is represented by the dawn. Our thought on this is that one should follow his/her passions and find strength in those who are close to you, and not worry too much about things you anyway can't do anything about. Don't limit yourself with fear.

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