News: New ENDER Single/Music Video "The Cataclysm"

It’s been a little over two years since ENDER surfaced with new material. The band released an EP entitled “Descolada” in the spring of 2014 which was the follow up to their debut “This is Revenge” (released via Eulogy Recordings in the summer of 2010).

The band has recently reformed after a hiatus this past spring recruiting Joe Torchia (formerly of the NJ local act Flux Conspiracy) on vocals. “The members of ENDER have gone through a lot of changes…...a lot of personal life milestones such as getting married, buying first homes and having babies. I think we all just needed to take a step back and return with a new mindset, a new reason of why we do what we do. We just needed to hit the reset button after focusing on our personal lives and we’re extremely thankful for all the positive support we’ve been receiving over the last few months.” said bassist/founding member Mark Costa.

ENDER returns to the scene with a heavy hitting new track paired with a music video called “Cataclysm”. The video was shot and directed by Eric Dicarlo while the track was produced/engineered by Kevin Kumetz of Barbershop Studios - who also was behind the board for Descolada. “We’re basically our own worst enemy that’s destroyed our home, and if we don’t change….it will be the end of us all”, explained new ENDER vocalist, Joe Torchia. The video hammers home this message with brute force leading the attack with the opening line “This is a plea to wake up!”.

What’s in store for ENDER in coming months? Well, the band has some live shows planed in the tri state area which they will announce shortly. Oh, and new music too!“We’re always trying to experiment with older styles of music while putting a modern day twist to it. We aren’t trying to fit into any type of genre. We are metal. Plain and simple. You crank it loud, bang your head, and call it a day.”, explained guitarist/founding member Sal Latrenta.

While the countdown to more new material from ENDER begins, do what Sal says, crank Cataclysm loud and bang your head.

Cataclysm is exclusively streaming via Chugcore Productions:

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