News; Out Now! Horror Metal MALACODA Unleash New EP 'Ritualis Aeterna'

Canadian horror inspired symphonic power metallers MALACODA (named after a demon from Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’) return with their new six track EP 'Ritualis Aeterna' out now as of December 2nd. The EP is the follow up to their well-received 2014 self-titled debut album. Packed with dark atmosphere, originality and innovation, this is gothic power metal for the 21st century with intelligence and intensity to rival that of their infernal inspirations! 

Vocalist Lucas Di Mascio comments on the EP:

"After a long journey filled with equal measures of happiness and misery, large helpings of hope and despair, and a pinch of euphoria and rage.... we can finally say "It's here!" Enjoy the tracks, and we'll see you on the road soon.... These six tracks are full of character and are definitely a sign of things to come." 

'Ritualis Aterna' is now available digitally on iTunes and on CD at plus can be heard in full stream at

Plus the band's new music video inspired by the since canceled Showtime TV show by the same name 'Penny Dreadful' can be viewed at

The video was directed, produced and edited by The Laundry Design Works. The song explores the themes of the show, each section of the song being a different character's personal struggles. Just as the show paid homage to horror's roots, the band's music video pays respects to classic horror films, using only practical effects to achieve everything from the dark corruption of the blood in the veins of the possessed woman, to the sped up and jerky motions the band members display as the song crescendos.

1. Penny Dreadful (5:34)
2. I Got A Letter (4:37)
3. Pandemonium (3:39)
4. The Wild Hunt (4:20)
5. Linger Here (2:23)
6. There Will Always Be One (3:47)
EP Length: 24:24

For more info, please visit: 

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