Interviews: DEADicated Design

In this new occassion we have had the opportunity to interview the designer DEADicated Design. Check out this designer for great logos, artworks, etc. Give him a like on his FACEBOOK PAGE.

1. Why did you decide to start making designs for bands?

I have always had a passion for music but never had the motivation or commitment to learn an instrument and do my part that way. I spent a few years managing my old secondary school and spent a lot of time designing artwork for the band. I always wanted to expand what i could do with designing. So i tried my hardest to do so.

2. Where did you get the idea for your artistic/designer name?

The night that i decided to do this i spent ages thinking about names as i tried to sleep. I thought of DEADicated Design but i was never sure on it, i thought it was cringe worthy. After a few days it grew on me and i really liked it. It was nothing special, i just wanted something that symbolises that i do brutal art but am interested in general design.

3. How would you describe your designs as?

I would describe my art as experimental, brutal and simple. I try to do as much different things as i can, i'm still trying loads of new techniques but with the range i design in, i think those adjectives summarise quite well.

4. Where did you get the inspiration to make your designs?

I made standard metal logos for the band i spoke about earlier but after finding designers like Glorious Gorification and Consume i got really inspired to focus on those details and create art with logos not just "logos" if you understand where i am coming from?

5. Which kind of designs do you make (artwork, merchandise, logos...)?

I primarily do logos, any type of logos to be exact. I have done some illustration, merch, artworks and layouts. I am trying my hardest to do more of it and expand.

6. How much do you usually spend on every design?

I would say i can spend as little as 2 hours on some very simple designs but that is vary rare, if i do, i try to spend longer experimenting with others. The usual brutal logos i can spend 3-5 on. More if i really need to.

7. With which band´s have your worked?

The biggest clients i have worked with are Chugcore and Dethrone the Deceiver of which i am grateful for. I have worked with many smaller clients such as Drown In Hate, Gamma Sector, EMV Events, Disorder, Orias, Ramsgate Skate Park and many others.

8. Have you got any bad experience with a design (re-doing it many times, making many changes...)?

I have had a fair handful of clients that have had me do loads of re-designs and edits if it isn't quite right which i can understand. Some have been over the top and what i feel was not fair. There has also been a few that give me excuses that are clear lies or just stop responding. Some that have even told me they have paid to hope i email them the logo, luckily i have not given a client a logo they were meant to pay for when they had not.

9. Can you say something for the begginers?

All i would say is keep trying to experiment and find your style. Always be patient, supportive and fair to other clients and designers.

10. Say something about your designs and prices 'Make spam'

I really enjoy designing and meeting new people and working my way towards the industry and appreciate every client i get. I will give a try at almost anything in the way of logos and most other things. My prices vary from as little as £50 (maybe a little lower for the quick and simple stuff) - to hopefully no more £75. If you are interested, contact me with these:

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