News: Athanasia "The Order Of The Silver Compass" Music Video Released

Los Angeles based Metal band Athanasia has released the official music video for the lead single off their upcoming debut album, The Order Of The Sliver Compass. This is the second music video release from the album, following the critically acclaimed "Spoils Of War". Originally premiered on Metal Underground, "The Order Of The Silver Compass" was directed by renowned filmmaker Matt Zane and filmed at Modern Sector Studios in Burbank, CA.

If you got hooked after your first dose of the potent heavy metal concoction that is ATHANASIA, then you should be ecstatic to know that your next fix is coming in the form of a speedball entitled "The Order of the Silver Compass" taken from our LP of the same name... Max out your volume knobs and prepare to thrash!!! - Caleb Bingham (Guitar, Lead Vocals)

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