News: She Screams Of Royalty Releases Lead Single From March 24th’s Imminence Records Debut

After a hiatus and some member turnover, She Screams Of Royalty is pleased to finally release the lead single from their forthcoming full length, Lucid Dreams A Relationship, that will be released March 24th on Imminence Records. The lead single is entitled "It's Inevitable" and is the fifth track on the album.
"The song is sung in the perspective of a person going through the last seconds before their death. It's a kind of an inevitable fight between death, yourself, and your emotions. Wondering how you will be remembered, how others think of you, and what they WANT people to think they think of you. So, really it's a battle/frenzy of whether to accept what's happening or not, how you'll be remembered, and who cares.” - Nathan Post (Vocals/Guitar)

Lucid Dreams A Relationship (March 24th)


1. I WIsh 
2. I COuld Tell You 
3. How I Feel 
4. One Last Time 
5. It's Inevitable 
6. What Happened 
7. Just Know Deep Down 
8. I Will Always Remember You

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