News: Take This To Heart Records signed Swordfish. Listen to their first single from their debut album. FFO: Sorority Noise, American Football, Joyce Manor

Beyond excited to announce that we have signed Swordfish from Ypsilanti, MI. You can listen to their first single entitled Social Drinker from their upcoming album entitled Rodiaover at Washed Up Emo.

Rodia will be released May 5th on CD/CS/Digtial via Take This To Heart Records.

Writers can grab a listen to the whole album in the link at the very bottom. Any review or blurb or interview request is welcomed.
FFO: Sorority Noise, American Football, Joyce Manor

Listen To "Social Drinker" Via Washed Up Emo:

Pre-order "Rodia":
“We’re concerned with trying to be empathetic and trying to understand the impulses and dependencies of those close to you,” says Swordfish singer Chandler Lach. From the basements and living rooms of Ypsilanti, MI Swordfish were formed and their penchant for connecting to their fans comes from their down to earth upbringings. Lach goes on to say, “Everything from mental health, heartbreak, existentialism and accidently burning your friends with lit cigarettes is addressed on this album.” 
Rodia takes cues from the beautiful guitar licks of American Football, the vocal urgency of Sorority Noise and the instant gratification of Joyce Manor, all while elegantly incorporating trumpet throughout each well crafted song. The eight tracks work together to bring the musings of anxious and heartbroken adolescents to a broader scale. 
Rodia was recorded by Nick Diener (Swellers) at Oneder Studios and mastered by Cam Boucher (Sorority Noise) and will be released May 5th on CD/CS/Digital via Take This To Heart Records.

Swordfish - "Rodia"

Track Listing:

1. Favorite Clothes
2. Social Drinker
3. Trenton Garage
4. Wash
5. I'm Okay (x3) 
6. Dentistry
7. Ghost Song
8. Owen

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