Interviews: Dustin Wyatt Designs

In this new occassion we have had the opportunity to interview the designer Dustin Wyatt Designs. Check out this designer for great logos, artworks, etc. Give him a like on his FACEBOOK PAGE.

1. Why did you decide to start making designs for bands?

I started making designs for bands almost 8 years ago. A lot of my friends were in metal and hardcore bands at the time and I would always admire the artwork they would have on their merchandise. Being involved in some form of art all my life, I wanted to give this a try and I started doing designs for my friends bands. Eventually through word of mouth, I had gotten bigger and more clients, and now it's a full time gig.   

2. Where did you get the idea for your artistic/designer name?

My “designer name" is just my first name and my middle name.   

3. How would you describe your designs as?

I would say my work varies. I have been doing a lot of outline work with the design overlaid on top of something else whether it be another image or text. On the other hand, a lot of work requires a lot of detail as well. Being versatile in my work helps to be more widely available to all bands and brands.   

4. Where did you get the inspiration to make your designs?

Inspiration usually comes from horror movies, old horror posters, old tattoo flash, vintage magician and side show posters, and a lot of times historical imagery and writing. When working with a band, inspiration also comes from their music and lyrics, doing my best to translate their writing into something visual that represents the band.   

5. Which kind of designs do you make (artwork, merchandise, logos…)?

My bread and butter is probably merchandise. From shirts to hats to enamel pins, a lot of which is illustration based. But I have done a lot of design work all across the spectrum.  

6. How much do you usually spend on every design?

It really depends on the design. Usually each design starts with a sketch, which gets sent to the client for approval. If they dig the concept/layout/idea of the design, the design moves onto final rendering. This process allows for a lot less back and forth between me and the client, and helps streamline the process of the design. Some designs can take a 2-3 hours, but more involved designs may take upwards of 5 or more.    

7. With which band´s have your worked?

To just name a few of the clients I had the pleasure to work with over the years; New Found Glory, Sleeping With Sirens, Issues, Breathe Carolina, The Pretty Reckless, Volumes, Pierce The Veil, Capsize, A Day To Remember, Crown the Empire, Owl City, Mumford and Sons, Every Time I Die, The Early November, K.Flay, Mayday Parade, Creeper, Wage War, Nekrogoblikon, Burning Down Alaska, Make Them Suffer, State Champs, Tiesto, The Menzingers, Dizzy Wright, Foxing, Tokyo Police Club, House of Blues, Fort Rock Festival, Governors Ball, The Meadows Music Festival, Rock on the Range, Louder Than Life, and many more.

8. Have you got any bad experience with a design (re-doing it many times, making many changes…)?

Luckily there hasn’t been many bad experiences with clients or at least nothing bad enough that is memorable. Occasionally I’ll have many requests for changes, but that usually reflects the final cost of the design.

9. Can you say something for the beginners?

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Do your thing and practice your craft. Surround yourself with things that inspire you. Ask for and take constructive criticism. I’ve seen too many people take offense at someone offering criticism that is constructive to their work. You’re not perfect, no one is. Strive to get better and set goals. And most importantly, just have fun with the designs.   

10. Say something about your designs and prices:

If you’re interested in working with me, shoot me an email at Follow me on insta @dustinwyattdesign. Visit my website and check out some of the stuff I have for sale. 

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