News: American Standards Stream "Anti-Melody" Album Early


Phoenix hardcore quartet, American Standards are now streaming their new record "Anti-Melody" exclusively on YouTube. American Standards has been getting praise for expanding the realm of hardcore and keeping the genre exciting with their chaotic and innovative sound. Being an independent band in the underground scene, the group has managed to carve their way on their own terms through multiple Album releases and relentless DIY touring.
Vocalist, Brandon Kellum commented on their on their DIY album saying, "We wrote Anti-Melody as a way to tear down the walls. To show that you don't need this tough guy machismo to write heavy music; You don't need to look or play a certain way as long as you have something honest and sincere to say. We aren't winning any popularity contests with it but then again, we weren't in those competitions to begin with."
"Anti-Melody" is available for purchase on iTunes and the American Standards' web-store. You can stream the album below today.

"Anti-Melody will open your eyes to the outside world. If you're a fan of social commentary with intense breakdowns and sing-alongs, this is the album for you."-Groovey.TV
"Bands like American Standards are taking risks and blurring the lines of genre specific songs." -Shockwave Magazine
"Each song on Anti-Melody has it’s own distinct character. American Standards manage to maintain the spirit and anger of first wave hardcore while bringing their own defiant style."
"It wouldn’t surprise me if this album were included as an essential hardcore album." -New Transcendence
"Energetic, unconventional, and chaotic to the core." -Ouch That Hertz

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