News: Bodyheat come back with a new banger, Awake


Essex isn't usually known for it's indie/emo offerings but this time it's been kind and given us the gift of Bodyheat. Coming in strong with their new banger, Awake, Bodyheat draws influence from bands like Turnover and Pity Sex whilst tipping their proverbials to Built To Spill and more popular leanings like Tears For Fears.

Some thoughts from Joe Hart (guitar) on the track and video:

Song quote "As much as the subject matter of the song might not match up with this, with Awake we just really wanted to write something catchy and nice to listen to. I think we've almost always - at least, in the bands we were in previous to Bodyheat - avoided leaning too heavy on that kind of approach through fear of the song coming off as a bit hollow, but then you listen to Jimmy Eat World or something and it makes you realise that it's actually completely fine to just have some fun and write a song you think might get stuck in people's heads, so that's what we decided to do with Awake."

Video Quote "Our friend Luke was nice enough to film our first show last year, and I always like when bands share moments like that in their music videos. We pretty much just wanted it to look like one of our Mums had filmed our first show on some old camera and then cut together a load of clips with absolutely no idea what they were doing. So, unfortunately for Luke, the whole idea pretty much hinged on making his footage look bad, out of focus and misplaced... but I think it came off alright. Sorry Luke." 
Please enjoy the video for Awake:

Awake is set for digital release through Close To Home Records this Friday 28th April. 

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