News: CLITERATI: Portland Hardcore Punk Unit Unleashes "Looking For The Answers" Lyric Video At Cvlt Nation; Self-Titled Seven-Inch To See Release This Friday Via Tankcrimes

CLITERATI - the Portland, Oregon-grown hardcore punk unit featuring Poison Idea, Voetsek, and Murderess alumni - today undrapes the visual accompaniment to "Looking For The Answers." The two-plus-minute bruiser comes by way of their self-titled EP.
Initially released via Tankcrimes digitally, the EP will make its seven-inch vinyl debut Friday, April 7th. Cliterati was recorded and mixed by Andrew Grosse and mastered by Jose DeLara at Caravan Studios and remastered for vinyl for maximum bad assery by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound.
Check out "Looking For The Answers," now playing at Cvlt Nation at THIS LOCATION.
Orders for the Cliterati seven-inch are available RIGHT HERE (direct order includes instant digital download). Stream the EP in full at the Tankcrimes Bandcamp page RIGHT HERE.
Gushed Two Guys Metal Reviews of the EP, "It's easy to see why so many have fallen so deeply in love with what CLITERATI have done.They represent minorities in every demographic and are fighting for a world of love. In Donald Trump's America, it is legitimately scary to be a part of the groupsCLITERATI fight for, which is what makes their groovy riffs, twisted growls, and driving dedication to destruction of evil corporate morals all the more vibrant. CLITERATI are tearing the status quo apart and if you can't get down with some old-school throat punching punk then get the fuck out." Punk News writes, "The lyrics are angry and biting, and are perfect for the hostile delivery. There's definitely a radical political element here, but you don't have to understand what the hell they're talking about to enjoy it." Punk Globe issues, "Consisting of five ear-punishing, thought-provoking tracks which deal largely with political and social issues, these are the kinds of d-beat, crusty queer-core, and thrashy hardcore punk songs that will take veteran punks back to the strong punk community and music of the '80s and early '90s."Adds Echoing Magazine simply and accurately, "CLITERATI will kick your ass and make no bones about it, both sonically and lyrically."
"CLITERATI is a band who believe in equality through inclusion. We are queer, straight, people of color, and white," relays screamer Ami Lawless. "Our influences include the bands Doom, L7, and Bolt Thrower with a healthy dose of Pacific Northwest D-punk. This band was brought together by Amelia Collins and we continue in loving memory of her vision to bring a breath of fresh air to Portland punk. These five rippers are the result of spending many hours in a dark dank Portland basement while smoking copious amounts of weed. Hopefully these songs will make you wanna get your clit in the pit."
CLITERATI is currently wrapping up a West Coast mini tour which included performances with Swedish hardcore punk miscreants DS-13. Additional live d-beat deviance will be announced in the coming weeks
4/05/2017 Bloodshed - Portland, OR
4/22/2017 Ash St. Saloon - Portland, OR Active Gender Center Benefit
6/09/2017 Bossanova Ballroom - Portland, OR - w/ Infest
6/17/2017 Northwest Terror Fest @ Barbosa - Seattle, WA

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