News: ONESIE Release Official Music Video for “Daytime King” via Idobi

The hooky new single and video “Daytime King” from Onesie‘s forthcoming debut album Leos Consume premiered yesterday via Idobi. It brandishes the kind of whimsical bounce you might find on your favorite yacht rock playlist, tempered with the occasional wall of Weezer-ed out fuzz guitars.
The playful, Pavement-esque video features an exasperated Haberland stumbling through various landscapes to deliver mysterious white boxes. Some recipients are overjoyed, others not so much. One guy is moved enough to introduce a smoothie to a Dodge Caravan at high velocity. It leaves us all wondering, "what the fuck is in these boxes?"
If the video is vague, the lyrics are vaguer, though Haberland illuminates us to the origin of the title phrase. “The words ‘Daytime King’ became lodged in my brain after going to a Letterman taping a few years ago. Regis Philbin was the guest, and it was great because he was not promoting anything. It was a very relaxed, friendly visit, with stream of conscious chatting. At some point the term 'King Of Daytime' came up and I wrote it down. It’s one of those perfectly hollow titles of celebrity nobility. I mean, I associate daytime TV with boredom. Maybe failure. He was just so self-assured and charming about accepting his role as the Daytime King.”

Led by Brooklyn-based songwriter Ben Haberland (of Gurus and formerly The Isles) and Zack Fanelli (ex Man Without Plan), Onesie was formed to take a light, fun approach to music. It's a breath of fresh air that they don't take themselves too seriously and are bringing fun back into the industry with their 90's influenced indie power-pop and nerd-rock vibes. 

“Daytime King” is out now digitally on all major platforms, and it will be on Onesie’s debut album Leos Consume, due on May 12 – pre-order the album here on Bandcamp. The band will be celebrating with a record release show on Thursday, May 18 at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn (event) alongside An English Place, The Sharp Shadows and Sirs&Madams. 

Pre-Order Leos Consume on Bandcamp!

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