Interviews: Stick To Your Guns


In this new occassion we have had the opportunity to interview the Hardcore band Stick To Your Guns, at theur show in Madrid. All the questions were answered by George Schmitz, STYG’s drummer. Check out this band and give them a like on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

1. How is the tour with PWD and Darkest Hour going?

Great! Yeah!

2. Which has been the best show so far of the tour?

Madrid is technically the last day of the tour because after this we do Groezrock and another Impericon fest, but none of those are actually Parkway Drive shows, but I have to say probably the craziest show was in Munich, sold out and it was a 6,000 people show. I’d probably say it was the biggest club show that we’ve ever played, we play in festivals with more people but this was just a show for PWD and it’s pretty overwhelming to get up on stage and do it.

3. Which bands or artists have encouraged you to be an artist?

You know, It’s different amongst every member in STYG ‘cause we have different influences. Me, personally, I’d say that, you know, I’m influenced by a lot of punk bands, I’m an apologetic Green Day fan, ‘cause they were like the first band I ever got into, I was like 4 years old so, you know, Green Day, Bad Religion, NOFX and all those punk bands… that sort of stuff is what I kind of cut my teeth on when I was getting in the music, but I think collectively we all really like Rise Against, Hatebreed, you know stuff like that, I think those sounds collectively influenced our band. Everyone has its own interests.

4. What would you been doing if you were not a musician or an artist?

Oh, shit, I really don’t know, I think about that all the time. I don’t know what I would want to be doing. I think I’ve been this for so many years that is hard to imagine me doing something else, I don’t know. Maybe a teacher or some sort.

5. So would you like to be in another country in this tour, have you missed any country, like I would like to play in…?

You know, It’s been a great opportunity for our band to be on tour with Parkway Drive because there are some many new people seeing our band, so I would have been great if this tour went to Scandinavia, right, Sweden, Norway, Finland because we have a small following there but we’d like to play to more people, kind of like show them who we are, so that would have been cool but as far as STYG going to places I feel like we’ve crossed almost all of them off the list in Europe and we’re always looking to go to Lithuania, Latvia.. and stuff like that but I mean we love coming over here, so we’d go anywhere, we’d play for anyone.

6. So apart from Resurrection Fest 2016, have you ever been in Spain before?

Yes, I was just talking about this. Aside from RF, we’d been in Spain 3 other times. 2009 twice and 2014 actually. And then RF last year. But we wanna come more often.

7. Which is the thing you most like from Spain?

You know the weather is great. I don’t mind the rain either, but I like the weather here, the food in Spain, much better than food in other parts of Europe. So the food is great. The culture here is very cool, is very interesting to me, it’s like kind of talking to people, kind of learning, you know, what is life for them and that’s always fascinating wherever you go but I like it here in Spain, it’s really cool.

8. Which is the souvenir you have got from a concert, from a show?

Ok, so a lot of times people take flags and they put the diamond symbol on it, so we’ve like this collection of flags growing, from places that you’d never expect, you know, it’s not like “oh yeah, like a British flag”, it’s like Bulgarian flags, Brazilian flags. And we really like that, we always like when fans bring us like little snacks, like from their home country. It’s kind of tough sometimes, and it’s like here is this thing! And it’s like oh we can eat this!

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