martes, 30 de mayo de 2017

News: Dethrone The Sovereign Tease New Album

Harbingers of Pestilence, slated for release July 28th, is the result of years of hard work writing and recording in the studio with help from producer Stetson "Bucket" Whitworth. The teaser glosses over the album's nine tracks, highlighting some of the band's varied musical influences from metal to jazz, and classical to electronic, to name a few.

Fans of Between The Buried And Me, Born of Osiris, Fallujah, and The Faceless will find plenty to love in Harbingers of Pestilence. From the technical onslaught of tight chugs and haunting orchestral lines to the impressive classical-influenced shredding, Dethrone the Sovereign manages to put together a sound that's catchy, intriguing, and very much their own. 

The band briefly elaborated on the upcoming release: "We are extremely pleased to present this preview for our upcoming album, 'Harbingers of Pestilence'. We tried to cover all the ground we could musically while at the same time maintaining a sense of cohesiveness for the album as a whole, which we hope will show here".

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