News: Galactic Pegasus Drops "The Faultline" Playthrough


Galactic Pegasus is following up their latest effort, Phantom of the Hill, released back in November, with a brand new bass playthrough directed by Connor Gilkinson and his Ravencraft Creative team, which you can stream via Gear Gods.

The 5-piece 'djent' influenced band from British Columbia have solidified their position at the apex of groove, ambience, melody, technicality, and aggression with this track: delivering an impressive performance on his multi-scale six-string bass from the Canadian wilderness, bassist Johnny Ciardullo reminds us what makes Phantom of the Hill such a hard hitting release.

Ciardullo had this to say about the playthrough: "I wanted to pick a song that really showcased my bass playing and some subtle complexities in my song writing. It’s a fairly short song (2:49) but there is a lot going on in such a short period of time. It mainly focuses on a straight 6/8 feel with added bars of 2/4 at the end of every second 6/8 measure, that may sound difficult but once you feel the pulse of the riff it's smooth sailing from there on! The song is very melodic and “moody”, which our vocalist, Andrew Hockley fully embraced with his lyrics. He wrote some incredible lyrics all across our album but these ones on “The Fault Line” are some of my personal favorites. I really love how this video turned out and we had a killer time filming it with our good friend Connor Gilkinson!"  

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