News: Idioteq EP Premiere Edmonton Hardcore Metal Fusion FEEDING


Formed in 2016, FEEDING was created in the wake of local Edmonton hardcore outfits Cold Lungs and Low Level disbanding. With members from each band still seeking auditory destruction, a five-song EP was rendered. It will be presented as an offering on spools of magnetic tape on April 28, 2017, through Funeral Trance Records. The debut was recorded in Feeding’s sanctum: Piss Alley by Derek Orthner (Begrime Exemious) and mastered by Brad Boatright of Audio Siege. The cassettes will bear Jason Barnett’s conception of crawling toward death. FEEDING plans on touring as far as possible to spread their brand of occult death rock, and already have plans for future releases.

Teaming up with Idioteq.comFEEDING premiere the full stream of their debut EP.

Plus watch their new video for 'Rotting Alive' at 

EP Pre-Order (digital and cassette) via Funeral Trance Records - 

Track Listing:

1. Tumult
2. Dregs
3. Rotten Alive
4. Impure In The Eyes Of God
5. Kazmus

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