News: Midwayer Releases Lead Single From June 2nd's 'Never Together'


Georgia melodic metalcore outfit Midwayer is back with their sophomore release on the label. in promotion of the new release, entitled Never Together, the band has released their lead single "Sirens Of Oblivion." The concept EP will be released June 2nd, and features a special bonus track for the longtime fans.
->"_Thematically, This is a very different recording than 'Thresholds'. Where 'Thresholds' was more ethereal, political and observational, 'Never Together' has a much more grounded subject basis. It's effectively a story of a man who has shut himself off from the world for so long, but is beginning to see the good in mankind. Removing himself from his cave to find the good in the world.
Anger, Fear, Disgust and coping with Death. But also intertwined with positivity, self-inspiration, and closure. These are the themes and the lyrical content comes from a very personal place and those experiences that inspired them. Musically, we wanted the sound to be reflective of these themes as well, While bringing back that early 2000's metal core style, mixed with more modern elements." - Gary Pounds (Guitarist)

Never Together (June 2nd)

1. Emergence 
2. The Isolator 
3. Uchu Kukan 
4. As These Wings Shall Carry 
5. Sirens of Oblivion 
6. Reverse Interment 
7. Thresholds | PRIME (Bonus Track)

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