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» » » News: Spaceface (feat. Jake of The Flaming Lips) Release Video; via Paste Magazine

Spaceface’s music video for their single “Spread Your Head” which premiered last Friday via Paste Magazine is a hallucinatory, head-first dive into the pysch-rock band’s Merry Prankster-esque adventures. It offers a visually fantastical, mind-bending glimpse of the band’s live performance, while featuring a mysteriously bizarre character called Glowworm, dancing throughout. Led by frontman Jake Ingalls (guitarist/keyboardist of The Flaming Lips), Spaceface's “Spread Your Head” comes off the band’s recent album Sun Kids and is the perfect catalyst for their upcoming tour.
The music video was shot in conjunction with scenes for the film EXTREMEOPHILIA, in which the band is featured. It offers an even further look into the touring life ofSpaceface, as it follows the journey of Glowworm, played by G’NAT. Frontman Jake Ingalls, who also is a member of The Flaming Lips, explained, “Our video is sort of a little glimpse into what it’s like on the road with us. It was shot as a much smaller part in our friends’ movie about an interplanetary glow-worm that withstands brutal conditions and has come to Earth to keep the fabric of spacetime together. Somehow, she crosses paths with Spaceface for about two weeks and engages in endless partying.”
The video was produced and filmed by DIY art collective, The Moon, with cinematography and editing by Joe Ashi. Based in Grand Rapids, the company is led byNatalie Wetzel, who has collaborated with Oliver Hibert and done installs in Wayne Coyne’s art gallery, The Womb. Ingalls first met Wetzel at a concert, they kept in touch as each pursued their own artistic journeys. Later, Wetzel turned up at show with an extravagant space-creature inspired costume, which would lead to their involvement withEXTREMEOPHILIA. Given the costume to keep, the band began to involve it in their live shows, which has sparked fan creativity and culture for DIY-creations, seen regularly at their shows.
Spaceface hits the road this summer, with a Digital Tour Bus sponsored tour in support of the video and their latest album, Sun Kids, released this April. “We booked the tour ourselves a while ago,” Ingalls shared. “I’m hyped because we’ve upped the ante with a bunch of new sound reactive LED’s, and new tunes like the one featured in the video! We’re touring in support of our new record, Sun Kids, which came out just last month. We also get to play with a lot of really great bands such as BronchoSugar Candy MountainFlaural, and tons of others.”
Catch Spaceface live for an auditory and sensory experience like no other; see a full list of dates below. EXTREMEOPHILIA is set to be released later this year, get more details hereSun Kids can be purchased from the band's website, or digitally on BandcampiTunes and all major digital retailers.

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