Track By Tracks: All I Need - Lifeissuffering (2017)


Before making the detailed description of the tracks, from All I Need we thought It will be advisable to make you know the complete meaning of our first EP “Life is suffering”

The Project in the making is nothing more and nothing less than an emotional process, or it would be better to say a therapy. Each song describes a state of mind, a finding process, a self-definition:

Life is suffering is a duel itself, a traumatic situation, an inner battle, a feeling of unease that hinder you to see the road walk. It shows the most negative face of the life.

Fight against is the next step, the inner struggle or interior fight against the demons that block as to see beyond. This track reflects the closeness to the problem, with the aim to seek the solution.

“Self-destruction”, the solution of the dispute, the consequent for the self-walk changing and emotional well-being.

In short, this EP is the recipe that bring as to elaborate a therapy whit the purpose of solving a conflict. That is the reason why the tracks mean a lot to us and bring us motivation to keep on going and to never give up.

1. Lifeissuffering:

“Life is suffering” was our first track as a band. Like for other bands, track composition is a tedious work, which usually makes to get rid of great productions. After a long period of research, we achieve finding our sound, a sound that was adapted to our features and which characterized our band.

It has been always clear to us that less is more, even if this track has a straightforward instrumental it transmits forcefulness and energy.

The verse instrumental is composed of plam-mutes and dissonances, which create emphasis in the voice, that with an acute and bass tear, attempts to transmit agony and suffering.

Inside the chorus predominate synths and tappingsthat gives a melodic and relaxed base to the song leaving space to a number of lyrics which slow down the rhythm and the forcefulness of the song.

It is also noteworthy the attendance of the drums, which they characterize because of an elevate number of bass drum hits and rhythm changes.

Making reference to the theme, the song reflects an inner dispute, contempt and sadness where the ire and the despair need to get out. In numerous moments “me against myself” quote is repeated, it tries to explain lots of the problems we find in our dailylives which are generated form ourselves. Thus, we should find the key of our way and never stop it, because in the society we live will no help us, it will bump us in the process of the real knowledge. So, in this song we inform about the pain we will find in this life and that we have to face up.

2. Fightagainst:

In this second track we play a lot with the clod and warm, we introduce a lot of rhythm changes and some heavy and blunt breaks. This song shows our craziest side, with an electronic intro that continues with some guitar riffs which they belongs to Mathcore.

The track reaches color because of the linear but melodic chorus that afterwards it leads to more chaotic moments that are accorded to the song theme.

The song is a contradiction itself because is the most moving an animated song but we made it clear that no one of us is crazy: "I'm not insane". The lyrics reflect the unrest and discomfort that the negative situation, explained at "Life is Suffering" song, created on us. In this situation, we are aware of our problem, in our selves is the evil and for that reason we have to push out. The process of recognizing our devils and our flaws and prevail them is the most meaningful message of this song. In these days the mind continues being a secret for the humankind but there is there is something clear, the riddles in ourselves are painful.

3. Self- destruction:

“Self-destruction” is our last track in our first EP. Is a song with “metalcore” features, where overwhelming predominate and heavy breaks, coupled with melodic plucking’s, acute and deep screaming’s and synths that contribute to create a melodic structure of the theme.Talking about the composition, we tried to emulate real sounds in addition to electronic bases that add our characteristics sound.

With this theme, we want to embody the change, the exit and the liberty that lend us to response to our inner dispute. The song tried to express the process our self- knowledge. The life is an infinite loop of experiences, which involve a reuse of our- selves, because of that is why we have to keep learning from the mistakes and form the favorable situations. “Self-destruction” is the antidote which avoids the discomfort or the self-destruction.

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