lunes, 26 de junio de 2017

News: DFB Drops New Banger "Transcendence"

Stream the brand new video, “Transcendence” via Famined Records' YouTube channel now. This is the third track to be released from the band's debut EP titled “Perspective” out July 7th. 
Hailing from Southern California, DFB is a dynamic duo striving to get the music they love out to the Metal-headed masses and to fans of bands such as Periphery, Killswitch Engage and Meshuggah.

Influences within the group vary, be it the heavy riffing and harsh screams, or the soothing, deep and soulful clean vocals that accompany beautiful, atmospheric and melodic passages, any listener is bound to have their interest piqued. This single, along with the rest of the EP are sure to strike a match within the metal community.

Transcendence is heavy, it's melodic, and shares a conceptual message regarding inner spiritual struggle, says Vocalist, Elijah: "I wanted to try and covey a sense of desperation and betrayal on this song, as the subject is beginning his descent into oblivion, completely unaware that things aren’t going to go his way".

Furthermore, guitarist Dylan shed some light on the instrumental: "I took a different approach to writing this one. It was going to be an album closer, so I wanted it to be epic. I ended up using 8 different guitar tracks on just the outro with a lot of different layers between. Bass for this wasn’t even written until after vocals were recorded, just to see how a different approach to things worked".

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