Track By Tracks: Muscular Child - Risk Factor 100% (2017)


1. Genericore:  

I feel like this track works well as an introduction to the album, it comes in with a super aggressive riff that is very grating, over the course of the song it progresses through a brooding down beat punk  type section and finally resolves with dual vocals over a bit of a break down. Very nicely sets the  tone for the rest of what is to come by not really settling on one genre and keeping the listener on  their toes.  

2. Roller Gurlz:  

This is probably the most straight up hard-core song on the album and probably one of the most fun  also! Really straightforward structure just verse chorus verse chorus outro. The ultra-simplistic and  repetitive outro riff is probably one of my favourite parts I wrote out of these songs, hypnotic.  

3. Preacher Man:  

This tune came out of an idea that Alex had to do a song that had a little more of a groove to it  compared to the rest. At that point in writing I think everything was pretty hectic, it drops the pace  nicely after the first few uptight songs on the record. Plus it’s got a great Ram Jam southern style riff  on the end of it that rips!  

4. Keep it Futile:  

I think the concept of this song is loosely based around the idea that if Satan impregnated one of the  beach boys and if that child went on to form a band, what would it sound like? Black Metal meets  Surf…  

5. Retrobates:  

Probably one of the most fully formed song structures on the album more genre confusion once  again, thrash for the first half then into an epic outro with as close as we get to a guitar solo, via a  disco beat…  

6. Pet Shop Disaster:  

The feedback intro to this was stolen from another take I believe? Seems a waste to let some good  feedback go unused though. A great solid closer to the album, the outro riff is probably one of the heaviest sections of this record, Jake wrote the awesome guitar riff and Adam wrote the awesome  lyrics, get in touch with your Evil side people!

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