Still reeling from the lauded release of their debut album, pensive post-punk trio Animal Youth have premiered a video for rousing album closer “You Don’t Know Love.” Watch the breakneck paced video via Pure Grain Audio
Enchanted by star-crossed love stories and the cold echo of ‘80s romanticism, Animal Youth has chiseled a fuzz-pocked sound from a foundation of chorus bass and gated drums. The video for “You Don’t Know Love” reflects that perfectly calibrated aesthetic, yielding a piece steeped in age, as opposed to “videos looking like mineral water commercials shot with 4K cameras and drones.”
“‘You Don't Know Love’ sounds to me like a journey through the night after the end of a summer love, something nostalgic and beautiful, something you'll never know again,” vocalist Guy Tourney said of the track. “For me it was more than just a summer, this song is about the end of a 6-year story, and at some point, I could have filled an ocean only with tears.”
The Brussels-based trio, which was sculpted from the remains of noise-punk group Siamese Queens, take cues from the Cocteau Twins’ enigmatic persona, The Jesus and Mary Chain’s white-knuckle grip on noise, and the nimbleness of Echo & The Bunnymen. Their debut album, ‘Animal’ is out now via Weyrd Son Records.

Animal, Track Listing: 

1. Darkest Place
2. Rainy Day
3. Eat You Alive
4. Feeling
5. Love you when you’re Dead
6. To Burn
7. Sunday
8. In Heaven
9. You Don’t Know Love

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