News: BLACK VICE / HAUNTER: Invisible Oranges Streaming Split From Texas Black Metal Covens


Austin-based boutique label Red River Family Records is pleased to announce the impending release of spectacularly grim new split from Texas black metal covens Black Vice (Dead to a Dying World) and Haunter, streaming in-full via Invisible Oranges

Featuring nearly 30 minutes of agonizing and ritualistic hymns from two bands at the top echelon of second-wave American black metal, the split LP is pressed with three tracks from Black Vice on Side A and two tracks from Haunter on Side B, which will be released on 12" black vinyl July 28. Cover artwork and layout was designed by Stephen Wilson / Unknown Relic, and insert artwork was designed by Antemia Kavillari. 


Both bands will be taking part in a North American trek to the West Coast and back with one-man blackened sludge band Crawl in support of the 12" before all three bands perform at Red River Family Fest on Sept. 22-23 in Austin. More details on the fest to come next week.

Black Vice / Haunter / Crawl Tour Dates:
7/27 Austin, TX - The Lost Well
8/3 Dallas, TX - The Final Frontier
8/4 Colorado Springs, CO - The Triple Nickel
8/5 Denver, CO - Mutiny
8/6 Salt Lake City, UT - Club X
8/7 Boise, ID - Neurolux
8/8 Seattle, WA - Black Lodge
8/9 Portland, OR - Tonic Lounge
8/10 Eugene, OR - Old Nick's Pub
8/11 Oakland, CA - Golden Bull
8/12 Los Angeles, CA - 5 Star Bar
8/13 Phoenix, AZ - Yucca Tap Room
8/14 El Paso - Boomtown
8/15 Marfa, TX - The Capri
Black Vice is a 5-piece ritualistic black metal band from Austin, Texas, featuring Dead to a Dying World bassist Daine Vineyard on vocals. Their debut full length, Rituals of the Anti-Cosmic Doctrine, was released January 2016 on Red River Family Records. Triclavian Nails. Void Hand. Gilded Sickle. Poisoned Thistle. Nocturne Moon.
Haunter is the fleeting strangeness of existence, the pangs of consciousness, rejection of the orthodox, and the esoteric mercilessness of memory that envelope you whole dragging one deeper and deeper to the caverns below, beyond the knowledge of mankind. Manifested in San Antonio's DIY underground, the trio permeate and twist the boundaries of black and death.

Black Vice / Haunter Track Listing:
Side A: Black Vice
Track 1: Negation Enthroned
Track 2: Into the Abyssal Empty Void
Track 3: Shadow of the Monolith
Side B: Haunter
Track 1: Gilded Medulla
Track 2: Echo-Chambered Corroboration (Echelon Reassignment)

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