News: GearGods Premiere EXPAIN Guitar Playthrough "Corridors of The Mind" ft. Dan Mongrain (Voivod)


It's been some years since EXPAIN's debut album "Just The Tip" enlightened the senses of metal fans across Canada and beyond. The album brought forward a great combination of thrash, death, prog, technical and jazz influences all balanced for a very welcomed mosh pit of madness, especially for fans that enjoy the styles of bands like Revocation, Black Dahlia Murder and Vektor. Touring across the country these past years, EXPAIN is back with a fresh line up that includes Eli Slamang on guitar (Ex-Skull Vultures) and Sean Ip on vocals (The Hallowed Catharsis). The band will be releasing their perfectly titled EP "Pinching Nerves" on September 15th, which will be doing exactly as it says with its flurry of six cacophonous tracks of pounding drums, harmony laden riffs and in your face catchy vocals. The EP even showcases a very legendary special guest, guitarist Dan Mongrain (Voivod, Martyr) on "Corridors of The Mind", which the band has teamed up with to exclusively premiere the video playthrough featuring Mongrain's solo with shredding attacks from EXPAIN's Pat Peeve and Eli Slamang.

Watch "Corridors Of The Mind" ft. guest guitar solo by Dan Mongrain (Voivod, Martyr) at the following link: 

Track Listing:
1. They Live (4:20)
2.  The Witch Is Dead (3:48)
3.  Pinching Nerves (3:06)
4.  Corridors Of The Mind ft. guest guitar solo Dan Mongrain (Voivod, Martyr) (3:54)
5.  Pathways (4:11)
6.  Torch Formula (3:11)
EP Length: 22:32

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