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Wage War, formerly known as Empires, has been found in 2010 at Ocala. After being signed by Fearless Records, they released their first LP “Blueprints” in 2015, that was a huge success. Only two years after this major release, they’re coming back with a new album ; Deadweight. They released two music videos to promote it, “Don’t Let Me Fade Away” and “Stitch”. Now, we’re going to review the whole record.



Cleans are even better than their previous release. The album begins with a pretty catchy chorus in “Southbound” that won’t make you regret Blueprints. That is the same with “Witness”, the voice of Cody is pretty insane on this one.

“Indestructible” is the perfect opposite ; the voice is quiet and isn’t pushed too far, but it stills catchy and it gives to the song a break after the violence of the verses. The variation of the last chorus on this song was a great surprise, followed by a great breakdown, making to me this song one of their best. But to be honest, "Johnny Cash" is maybe his best work ever. 

“Stitch” is pretty unique in the album, and we can understand why they made it a single. The whole ambiance is really dark, and I can hear in this song some industrial influences. That shows how diversified the album is. Briton did a great job there, and I have to admit I was impressed by the "Never Enough" pre-chorus. To summarize this, his screams made their job, especially in "Disdain", a short but intense track.


The intro of this album, “Two Years” was a great surprise too. It changes from the common and soft intros, and it fits perfectly to the next song "Southbound".

What about "Disdain", the 2min long track ? I was afraid it would be an atmospheric soft song, but it is a pure piece of violence. That was something I appreciated even since my first listening of this album ; they used well known metalcore techniques, but they made it the way they wanted. Maybe you won't mind it when you'll listen to the album the first time, but they made a well diversified LP.

“Deadweight” is the song you’ll want to mosh to. In this album, riffs are pretty simple, but sounds great, thanks to the mastering that is really awesome. However, when they want to, they can do some pretty technical riffs, like in the song  “Indestructible”. 

Vocals : 9/10
Instrumental : 8/10
Lyrics : 8/10
General : 9/10          
"General isn't an arithmetic notation"

+ Some technical riffs
+ Diversity
+ Great transitions, never bored
+ Successfully did something different from Blueprints with the same techniques

- Would be hard to do something else after this one, because they mastered the genre and made it their own way. Maybe a change of direction ?

For fans of: A Day To Remember, Parkway Drive, August Burns Red

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