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Track By Tracks: Alex Sevigny - Divine Mortality (2017)

1. Arrival Of Higher Beings:

“Bear Witness to an Almighty Race”

The song serves as a preface to the album and the general tonality/theme. Imagine Godly beings emerging from a blinding light. One can only guess as to what their motives might be.

2. Unwritten:

“Some struggles will forever remain Unwritten”

This song brings the more technical influence into play on the album. These Godly beings have endured struggles that can only remain Unwritten and unfathomed by mortals. 

3. Darkness Consumes, Inevitable:

“We dwell in Darkness, though Darkness dwells in us”

This was definitely one of the darkest songs I’ve ever written.  This song seeks to capture the feeling of hopelessness as one is engulfed in darkness. 

4. Illogical Entities:

“Beings beyond comprehension, beyond reason or logic”

This song furthers the concept of Higher Beings from the first track, furthermore questioning the motives of such Illogical Entities. 

5. Death of Gods:

“An Unfathomable plight bringing forth limitlessness” 

This song seeks to capture a struggle between Divinities resulting in one faction casting off the chains of oppression and obtaining limitlessness. 

6. Desperate, Illuminate:

“Consumed by Darkness, seeking Illumination”

In furthering the theme from track 3, this song represents the struggle of being trapped in a dark place and searching for the light and a resolution to conflict. 

7. Catching My Breath, An Escape:

“A pause in pursuit, a glimmer of Hope”

This tracks continues on the concept from “Desperate, Illuminate” representing the struggle to persevere through and away from Darkness.  At its climax the song is meant to represent a break from the pursuit and a perception of a way out. In its conclusion it is meant to be very optimistic in showing that we can all make it through the darkness that clouds us with the right amount of effort. 

8. Grasping Mortality, Relinquishing Divinity:

“And then a direction, I perceived” 

This track brings together all the core themes from the album, both enforcing the resolution of the conflict between Higher Beings, and the resolution from “Catching My Breath, An Escape”. On a more personal level, the song seeks to represent looking at one’s Past and Present, and coming to terms with one’s future. This may be a daunting experience, but with proper goals and objectivity it can result in growth and stability! 

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