Track By Tracks: Yearling - Better Weather (2017)


1. Bermuda:

This is the track we chose to introduce the album, and it deals with the constant temptation we have all faced about giving up on life when seasons get rough. It also deals with the sadness that follows when you realize someone no longer wants to be with you.

2. Safe:

Safe is about our leader singer, James. It’s about trying to find a place where you’re accepted for the person you are.

3. Let’s Be Honest:

Sometimes it can be difficult to own up to who you are at a point in your life, whether you’ve gotten there intentionally or by mistake, and this song is about confronting that person.

4. Two Clicks:

This title is a reference to some people in our music community whom we truly cherish. This song is about always feeling like you are on the outside of things, feeling as if you are not meant to be in people’s lives - a Black Sheep

5. Oblivion:

There are points in life when you realize some people don’t want to be cared for when they need it. This song is about being shut out by those you truly care for.

6. Bruised Hearts:

Honesty is a difficult thing to put into practice, as well as come by. When someone you love suddenly removes themselves from you without explanation it is very painful; this song is about the mess that relationships can be.

7. Cosmos:

This song was re-written and rearranged 4 times and I still don’t know how we didn’t have two songs because of it. This song is about depression, confusion, and the feeling of being unloved. Some people believe talking about the way you feel is unnecessary, but the longer time goes on resistance only hurts those you love.

8. Headway:

This song is about missed opportunities in love and in the rest of life.

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