News: As A Conceit Drops New Playthrough


Still riding the wave of their latest effort - Frown Upon Us, released in December 2016 - and pumped after their latest festival announcement, Ancient Astronaut Festival, As A Conceit gets once again in front of the camera to showcase their riffing skills, and decided to drop a playthrough for their track "Hindered", premiering now via It Djents.

If you're into technical, heavy Metalcore, for the likes of Northlane's newest album, or Architects, you're bound to find much to sink your teeth into, and "Hindered" is just a glimpse of what the band can put together. Bouncy, groovy, catchy and meaningful doesn't even begin to describe the Italian quintet's piece, nor the rest of the album the track belong to.

Guitarist Giovanni had a couple words to share about the video: "While we're in the middle of the writing process of our new material we decided to took some time to record this playthrough of our song 'Hindered' to let you guys fully enjoy some quality grooving while we're at it. Check it out".

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