In a world that’s currently dominated by an appetite for self-destruction and greed, the longing for liberation on The Brave's new single “Ethereal” is a timely one that doesn't stray too far from reality. 

Frontman Nathan Toussaint explains the concept behind "Ethereal" "This is a story of a world that lost its way. Taken over by mindless and heartless beings, completely consumed by their own greed for power and hate. We took a totally different approach to writing 'Ethereal' not just musically but also lyrically. This really helped us to get a song that is quite different to our older work and is a real step forward to where we want to take our sound”.

That different approach? Taking their songs down to Melbourne earlier this year for a fine tuning session with Jon Deiley (Northlane) then heading off to record them with Sam Bassal (Ocean Grove). Working with Deiley and Bassal allowed The Brave to really separate themselves from the music and try different techniques that found a home on “Ethereal”, as well as herald in a new era for the band.

The Brave came together with a single goal in mind – to make music to move people, and they've spent their time together doing exactly that. Early in 2016 the band joined the UNFD family and soon after released their soaring debut album, "Epoch" - a sharp, widescreen demonstration of pure anthemia that wears its ambition proudly. The Brave share DNA with everyone from Bring Me The Horizon to Linkin Park and have spent their time wowing crowds, playing with everyone from Falling in Reverse to Hands Like Houses, Hellions and Northlane, finding themselves and their sound in the process.

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