News: Bravewords Video Premiere Sci-Fi Metal RAPHEUMETS WELL's Brutal Dimension In "Unveiling The Sapient"

Hickory, N.C. sci-fi metal band RAPHEUMETS WELL (Ra-few-mets) are welcoming fans to their parallel universe in which their latest album "Enders Door" enriches a voyage of lore and a sound that is a complex mix of classical orchestrations, cosmic synths, and extreme metal.

Their new video "Unveiling The Sapient", exclusively premiered on, introduces the brutality of a dimension that continues the story line where in the fifth era of the Avomenian Empire, amidst the planetary ruins of Vaath, a rogue traveler would discover an artifact that would forever change their place in the cosmos.  

Drummer Joshua "Nassaru" Ward comments:

""Unveiling The Sapient" is the last song on the album, bringing our story to closure. The song itself has a lot of emotions, which depict the events of our "Enders Door" story (which you can check out in our new visual book). We also have Brian Kingsland from Nile and Enthean performing an absolutely awesome guitar solo at the end. We hope everyone enjoys the work involved and the journey we wrote. "

To watch "Unveiling The Sapient", please visit the following link: 

"Enders Door" is available via Test Your Metal Records for digital download and CD at the following links: 

You can also catch RAPHUEMETS WELL's cosmic theatrical live performance at these upcoming shows, which includes supporting Israel's Orphaned Land and China's Voodoo Kung Fu.

Show Dates:
Aug 25 - Ground Zero - Spartanburg, SC - info
Sept 8 - Ground Zero -Spartanburg, SC - info w/ Orphaned Land, Voodoo Kung Fu

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