News: GRIDFAILURE Completes I Shall Not Survive Another Winter; "Sew Nothing, Reap Nothingness" Playing At Treble + Additional Titles Confirmed

New York's GRIDFAILURE has completed work on I Shall Not Survive Another Winter, a new EP which offers a bitter foretaste of the impending lahar of additional titles from the outfit nearing completion, debuting a track from the new title through Treble.
Bearing material spawned in different sessions over the past year, the tone for back-alley stabbings and backwoods terror meet in GRIDFAILURE's post-apocalyptic style of horror on I Shall Not Survive Another Winter, with elements of jazz, world music, hardcore, and dark ambient music coalescing in a confrontational contagion of dementia. To be released on the Fall Equinox, each song growing longer than the one before, as night overthrows daylight and the harvest season approaches.
Treble issues with their "Sew Nothing, Reap Nothingness" debut, "It's a dark and ominous track that merges ambient with industrial, with echoes of artists such as Prurient, Lustmord, and Pharmakon. It's not very long, but it leaves an eerie impact. If the summer has been a little too oppressively hot and bright, this foreboding track is a reminder that there's more cold and darkness on the horizon."
Stream "Sew Nothing, Reap Nothingness" at Treble RIGHT HERE.
GRIDFAILURE's hostile alchemist David Brenner delivers eight new movements drenched in tension and paranoia through effects-soaked instrumentation and vocals, utilizing guitars, bass, keyboards, analog synth, harmonica, theremin, field recordings, acoustic and electronic drums and percussion, and more, also handling the EP's recording and artwork. Guest contributions of drums and guitar from Richard Muller (Vise Massacre, The Third Kind, Future Hunter), drums from BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot), accordion from Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe), guitar and synth by Robert Levitt, piano from Christian Molenaar (Those Darn Gnomes), vocals from Mark Steuer (Those Darn Gnomes), and more are also woven into the clash of sounds on I Shall Not Survive Another Winter.
I Shall Not Survive Another Winter will see digital release via Bandcamp on the Fall Equinox, Friday, September 22nd; a physical version of the record will be completed in the coming weeks. AcquireGRIDFAILURE's full digital catalog and physical copies, including a preorder of the new EP and several hours of existing material, RIGHT HERE.
I Shall Not Survive Another Winter Track Listing:
1. Cabal
2. Sew Nothing, Reap Nothingness
3. Pact Rejection
4. It's Too Late For Me, It's Too Late For You
5. Hara-Kiri Superstars
6. Never Was
7. I Shall Not Survive Another Winter
8. No Longer Communicable
Stand by for more info on the I Shall Not Survive Another Winter EP, the first installment of the When The Lights Go Out series, Teeth CollectionDrought StickGRIDFAILURE's jazz-infused second collaborative album with Megalophobe, the outfit's impending first live performances, and more in the weeks ahead.
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