News: The Persian Leaps Release “Picture My Reaction” Single


If you're in need of a charging anthem to jolt your heart and mind awake, The Persian Leaps have just released their driving single "Picture My Reaction". It premiered earlier this week on Northern Transmissions and comes as the first single off their upcoming EP Bicycle Face.
"'Picture My Reaction' is about that intoxicating, electric rush you feel when you're around someone special, early on in a relationship," shared lead vocalist Drew Forsberg. "I almost never write love songs, so it's an unusual topic for The Persian Leaps. But the song is more about the chemical reaction rather than the sentimental, emotional aspects of love."
Building in a layered anthem, led by a charge of fuzz guitars, The Persian Leaps drive their hooks deep; the perfect blend of indie rock meets power pop. "Usually, when we finish a Persian Leaps EP, I know exactly which song should be the single," said Forsberg. "But this time around, I felt like the EP was the most consistent, compelling work we'd done and that all five songs were potential singles. For the first time ever, I asked friends in the industry for advice."
The single comes as the first taste of their upcoming fifth EP Bicycle Face, slated for release on September 22 via Land Ski Records. This EP completes the band's "five-year mission" - five, five-song EPs, over five years; a notable accomplishment in itself, they also held an impressively disciplined schedule of releasing on schedule every fall. With past releases gaining praise from the likes of NMEMAGNET MagazineImpose and many others, Bicycle Face is an immediate record for your "must listen" pile. "I think it’s our most cohesive release yet. It’s jangle and riffs, straight-through," reflected Forsberg. "If you like The Smiths, Guided by Voices, or Teenage Fanclub, you’ll appreciate what we do."
"Picture My Reaction" is availble for purchase on Bandcamp now. Bicycle Face will be out September 22, 2017 via Land Ski Records; it will be availble digitally on all major retailers, and on CD at The band will celebrate that night with a release show at the 331 Club in Minneapolis, MN. The show is free, 21+ and doors at 9:30pm.

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