News: Psych-rockers Space4Lease release introspective, heart-breaking single "Lately"

Oklahoma's indie psych-rock outfit Space4Lease is back with a throbbing heartache of a tune called "Lately". The single is filled to the brim with emotion as it explores the heartbreaking experience of falling in love, without reciprocation. The band reiterates that it's a feeling everyone can relate to on some level or another, as feelings of rejection occur not only in love, but in all forms of relationships. Passionately emotive and ultimately cathartic, the single premiered yesterday via VENTS Magazine (link). 
Vocalist Grayson Hamm, shared further thoughts on the song's inspiration. "The lyrics came to me one day after experiencing the all-too-common feeling of falling for someone without reciprocation. The truth is, I didn’t know what I was getting into and probably will never fully understand it. We have all experienced that uncomfortable moment in which we have stronger feelings for someone than they have for us, even if we refuse to admit it out of embarrassment or shame. I’ve reached the point multiple times in my life where I ask the question, “Who I am to you?” How does this person see me compared to how I see them? This cyclical pattern is emotionally exhausting, so I decided to channel these feelings the best way I know how: though the process of songwriting. “Lately” is all about asking these difficult questions. Sometimes it is more helpful to look introspectively rather than to direct the questions toward the one we might be falling for."
Multidimensional, the lyrics also speak on the value of self worth. "I feel that many of us are guilty of accepting unfair treatment from a potential significant other in the hopes that we will someday win this individual over," Hamm said. "Too often, we do things out of the ordinary and things that maybe aren’t necessarily typical behavior. Perhaps part of your life revolved around a misconception of “false love,” or infatuation, and I have found from personal experience that it isn’t healthy. A healthy, solid relationship is “not supposed to be this hard,” or as hard as I have made it in the past. We just have to be comfortable with ourselves and ultimately be confident while accepting the fact that people come and go in our lives."
Guitarist Walt Blythe noted that the song musically came to emulate the lyrics, reflective of the emotions that swing in and out of relationships. "It begins abruptly with a big and impactful sound before flowing to a deep vibe-y reverb washed B-section," he shared. "Surprisingly, this happened impromptu within the writing session as the chorus literally fell into a somewhat goofy and bouncy rhythm, which felt so right but so wrong at first. In the end, it completely made the track what it is now. Post chorus, “Lately” quickly pauses before starting the cycle over.  Love situations emotionally follow this same up and down pattern of the song. In “Lately’s” case, our own self-realizations of quick love came to thoroughly match the musicality and dynamics within the song. When dealing with “false love” like Grayson mentioned, emotions may be felt then quickly change, and as quick as they change they also repeat and start again."
Dive deep into the tunes of Space4Lease, by streaming and purchasing "Lately" and recent singles "Drifting" and "Must Be Something" on BandcampiTunes and all major digital platforms. Alongside some upcoming midwest shows, the band will be planning a full tour this fall.
Upcoming Tour Dates
8/18 Fayetteville, AR @ George's Majestic Lounge w/ Morning Moan and Toxic Rhythms
8/24 - Denver, CO @ Syntax Physic Opera w/ Tyto Alba and Civil Engineer
8/26 - Wichita, KS @ Barleycorn's w/ Animal Parade

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