News: Russian Math Metal / Djent SAMADHI SITARAM New Video "Qliphoth"


Russian math metal / djent band Samadhi Sitaram have posted a new video for their track "Qliphoth" off their latest album "KaliYuga Babalon" released by Sliptrick Records this past July. The video is full of Kabbalistic symbolism and is for those who strive to immerse themselves into the depths of music, rhythm and eternal philosophical ideas.

Watch the video at the following link:

Track Listing:

1. Intro (2:08)
2. Kali-Yuga (2:49)
3. The Death of A Stone (3:11)
4. Apotheosis (3:58)
5. Q.Prelude (1:39)
6. Qliphoth (4:28)
7. Orgy (Ritual Babalon) (16:09)
8. Shangri La (5:32)

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