News: SALTLAKE 'Medicate Me' EP, out 10th November


Energetic alternative rock crew SALTLAKE release their new EP ‘Medicate Me’, through all stores on Friday 10th November.

Hailing from the Sussex countryside and the London suburbs, and born in 2013, SALTLAKE are a trio with their roots firmly embedded in modern alternative rock. Their hard hitting, high octane live shows may resemble classic rock giants, however, their sound is fresh and all together immersing. 

SALTLAKE’s thunderous rhythm section is made up of John Godly (Drums) and Liam Quinn (Bass) who lay down a solid rock groove for the weighty guitars and ultra-hooky vocals, played and sung by Henry Gottelier (Vocals/Guitar). Blending those elements with gargantuan electronic soundscapes, the outcome is something heavy and anthemic that conveys passion and dedication to the craft.

With a legion of active followers and recent shows with The Alchemy and Stone Broken, nothing will stand in the band’s way. SALTLAKE unveil their new EP, Medicate Me, this November, and it unleashes a barrage of punchy riffs and monstrous refrains complimented by electronic synths that bring an interesting twist to their take on modern alternative rock. Soak it up, SALTLAKE have arrived.

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