News: Scottish post-hardcore quintet SERENITY CAME CALLING release video for single 'Tenebris'


For fans of Of Mice & Men and Wage War, Scottish post-hardcore quintet SERENITY CAME CALLING have revealed their new video for single release 'Tenebris'. The video was revealed yesterday via Heavy Blog Is Heavy and can now be watched via the link below.. 

"Tenebris is a recognition of the absence of God, but the wreckage and horror that is inflicted in his name." explains the band. "It's the story of a young man turning his back on God, after recognising that he only ever believed in him due to his fear of death. The world is falling to pieces and entering it’s darkest times due to the religious warfare and bigotry that is plaguing the earth." 

The band have been turning heads on tour with their intense and powerful live performances. Their music harbours a message that highlights some subjects that people are reluctant to talk about, but the band feel they should be heard. They deliver their message with raw heaviness, engaging melodies by creating an atmosphere of deep emotion through their songwriting.

The band have recently played shows with Oceans Ate Alaska and Napoleon and embark on more live shows to be revealed over the next few months.

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