News: Stargazer Releases Full Length


Stargazer are back after nearly four years, and as demonstrated by their singles, Temple of Solace, The Dream Electric, and Skinwalker, they sound bigger than ever. Now the time has come for the official release of their much anticipated full length album, Tui La. The premiere is brought to you by Lambgoat.

Blending melody, technicality, vicious vocals and an aggressive drive to keep pushing boundaries, the band has also found the perfect way to integrate their album concept in all of the tracks: Tui La is about balance and opposites, about moon and ocean, push and pull, life and death, and that is exactly what we find within the full length. Stargazer wanted to create a story, and succeeded in doing just so, the three singles released so far alone prove it. From "Temple of Solace" to "Skinwalker" and "The Dream Electric", the quintet is firing on all cylinders, and you're bound to not be disappoint

Matt Copp (vocals) has this to say about the album's official release: "Tui La is the culmination of the last four years of our lives, our sweat, and our tears. All of us have gone through beautiful and terrible times along the way, and this album is a reflection and a celebration of those experiences. It may not fit the standard model of album writing or what's current and trendy in the musical scene, but it was never our intention to do so. What we've made is something that is purely Stargazer; it's exactly what we want to hear and feel and is a true representation of our individual and collective selves." 

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