Track By Tracks: Modern Day Collapse - Acquiescence (2017)


1. Acquiescence:

First song's just an instrumental. We wanted to make the intro somewhat feely. Like to set the tone for the all of the song in the EP. Our songs are things we've gone through or have gone through and we wanted to let the listener feel like we're tapping into their emotions and let them know that we felt what you feel right now.

2. Resurrect:

Resurrect is about moving on with your life and forgiving those who have disappointed you. It was about someone who had completely lost her trust in humanity. It was about someone who had been taken for granted. So basically, I guess most of us have already been disappointed before by someone we thought we could rely on. The song "Resurrect" pretty much reminds you that not all people are the same. There will still be someone out there who you can really trust. It also tells you that there's nothing wrong with starting over with whatever's left to you. That's actually why we called it Resurrect because we'd like our listeners to realize that there's still hope for them as long as they will revive the will within themselves. That will that we're talking about is the will to live your life after of all the shit that you've gone through just to survive.

3. Freedom:

Freedom is basically about questioning a certain rule of most religions. It's a song that would basically make you wonder why two individuals have to be separated by their beliefs. The general rule is as long as two individuals are in love with each other and as long as nobody else gets involved in their relationship, the two of them could live together however, there is this what we call religion that tells us that if their beliefs in life are different, they can't live together even though they truly love each other. What do you think you would believe then? The song is basically against that rule.

4. Permanence:

Permanence is about memories of an individual that you'd like to forget or get erased in your head. There's a few things that can easily be forgotten however, there are some memories of that person that would always remain in our hearts and minds which would remind us of how they were to us when we still had them.

5. Deception:

Deception is about a forbidden relationship. Most of us nowadays are exposed to a lot of things that would really put us to a test. This song basically describes the story of two lovers who fell in love with each other at a wrong time. Both of them were victims of temptation. Their lust for each other had basically taken them to a certain point that they're not supposed to reach. At the end of the song, the last lines were saying that one of them will soon be set free just like the other one and that person will be freed from what's holding her back. It was actually a sad story as their relationship had to end but of course, their lives must go on.

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