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News: All The Colours Are Back With New Single + Video 'Heartbreaker' Out Now

Melbourne alternative rock trio All The Colours are back with a brand new one-off single ‘Heartbreaker’ set for release on 30th August 2017 in anticipation of their third album Vol. 3, details of which will be announced later this year.

Accompanying their new single is a heady and decadent video to satiate any restless fans whilst the band are in the process of creating the new record. Commenting of the inspiration for the video, the band said: “We were inspired by classical surrealism and the freedom of ‘90s music video cinematography. The idea was to capture the absurd and bizarre, not laboring over excessive meaning but capturing a feeling and an atmosphere. There is a beautiful naivety in those early Supergrass and Beastie Boys videos, a playfulness that we really resonated with, the camera had just become accessible and there was a 'gung-ho just go for it and experiment’ mentality.”

Directed by long-time collaborator Zach McSweeney with the art direction of Joshua Moriarty and bandmates, ‘Heartbreaker’ is a slow heroin sway that injects the sound of the ‘90s into ‘70s psychedelia for 2017, the twenty-year cycle in full swing. Playing on the tongue-in-cheek concept of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, it’s a trip to the carnal parts of your psyche and full of the danger of the impetuous, brimming with hypnotic, lusty riffs.

Coming off the back of the Big Day Out tour and a recent support slot alongside Eagles Of Death Metal on their national tour, All The Colours had a low key 2016 whilst band member Josh Moriarty took some time off to work on his other projects Miami Horror and his podcast ‘The Bottom Of It’ (

Now, the boys are stirring as they reappear, with the outfit more defined, the sound in higher contrast and the message clearer. 

All The Colours new single ‘Heartbreaker’ is out August 30 2017 Heartbreaker video: 

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